A New Blog & Spring Cleaning.

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I am just getting started with this blog.  Things are a bit crazy while I figure out how WordPress works and try to find my house.  I spent the last 4 months either sick with morning sickness or sick with a cold.  Finally,  I seem to be functional again.  So, why not start a blog.

Ok, right now I am thinking I’m crazy….  My house is a disaster from the last 4 months of teenage boys and a husband doing housekeeping.  In my family, I am the one who is picky about how the house looks.  I know some of you have partners that are meticulous, but not me…  Well, DH is a perfectionist about his projects.  I guess the house just isn’t one he wants to take on (especially right now).

I’ve decided that I will just tackle spring cleaning and start my deep cleaning.  I found this momma’s blog post:

A Thorough Spring Cleaning Checklist

I am starting with my foyer and kitchen.  Where do you usually start your spring cleaning?

The plan is 2 hours on the blog and 2 hours on the cleaning each day…

Anyone have any tips on how to keep a toddler busy while cleaning or working on the computer???



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