Planning to Start Trim Healthy Mama

I have been thinking of trying this diet for a few months now.  The Trim Healthy Mama (THM) plan looks interesting to me, partially because I love meat… and partially because I love sugar.  Sugar is my nemesis, my kryptonite, the bane of my existence.  Ok, you get the idea. I have a sugar addiction and I need a program to help me off of it.

I haven’t started the plan book yet.  I have the THM plan book , the THM cookbook and even the old THM book (I bought this book first from a local bookstore and started to read it.  The new book looks a lot easier to understand the plan, but I love having the recipes from the old book so I am keeping it).

I have also found some great websites and bloggers for THM recipes:  – a quick start guide  – she has this great meal plan :)

and here is another homeschool mom:

and here is another recipe site:  (link takes you to a recipe for cowboy cookies – I am making these tonight!)

I ordered oat fiber, gluccomannan (I ordered this from THM store), xylitol (I purchased this from Costco.  I will be checking this week to see if Costco or amazon is cheaper), and psyllium husk powder.

You can order these items from places:

Amazon (this is my Amazon store where I add the products I like and use.  I appreciate anyone who orders through my store as I am hopeful that my amazon store will someday help support my family),

THM store (this is my affiliate link.  Again hopeful that I will be able to help generate some income for my family),

Swanson Vitamins (Swanson has a referral program.  If you have never ordered from them before you will get a free $5 coupon when you register for a new account and after you make your first merchandise purchase of $20 or more, I will get a $10 Reward Coupon!)

 Azure Standard (if you are in their area).

I also put together my own batch of THM flour because our household is gluten and lactose free and I couldn’t determine if the THM brand was lactose free.

Here is the mix I used:

3 c Oat flour (I blended about 4 cups of whole gluten free oats in my vitamix to make flour.  I love my vitamix!)

2 c Coconut flour (I purchase this at Costco)

1 c Almond flour (Costco again)

1 1/2 c psyllium husk powder

1 1/2 c oat fiber

6 Tbsp baking powder

3 Tbsp xanthan gum

whisk together till well mixed

So tomorrow is the big day.  I plan to start reading the book and following the plan.  Most likely in baby steps.  Step #1: cut out sugar and read a chapter in the book.

It’s getting late so it looks like I will be making cookies tomorrow (I think I’m going to need something sweet to help me over my sugar issues)


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