Day Number 1…

I started!  I read the intro and half the first chapter so far (I am a Farm Fresh Tess).  I also read to page 13 of Gwen’s Nest THM quick start guide.  Here is my main take away from the quick start guide so far:

“1) Keep fats and carbs separated. The great thing about THM is you can have healthy fats and healthy carbs, you just don’t eat them together in the same meal while you’re trying to lose weight.

2) Eat some form of protein with every meal. Protein is your primary fuel source on the THM plan.

3) Stay away from all types of sugars. While trying to lose weight it’s best to avoid excess insulin. The THM plan utilizes sugar substitutes: Stevia, Truvia, Erythritol, or Xylitol. Special Note: please know that xylitol is poisonous for dogs. Keep any treats made with xylitol away from your pets for their safety!”  I think I will be switching sweeteners after my xylitol bag is gone, just so I don’t have to worry about this.  I will probably get Truvia or the THM Super Sweet blend.

I didn’t get to make the cowboy cookies because I need to get some stevia based chocolate chips (this was the best deal I found).  Since I need both dairy and sugar free chocolate, I  am leaning toward making skinny chocolate (pg 377) from the cookbook.  However, I am not sure how those will hold up in a cookie.  Looks like I’ll need to ask around…

I did make chocolate banana muffins (pg 283) from the cookbook so I do have a chocolate craving food prepared :)  I also made creamy quinoa from the original book (pg 228).  It was yummy :)  I made a large batch of quinoa so I can eat it again for a quick breakfast tomorrow morning.

I also weighed myself this morning (194 lbs).  I still need to do pictures and measurements.  Here is a great measurement chart another person in one of my THM facebook groups found.  The chart is printed and I am planning to do measurements Wednesday since tomorrow is a busy day for me.  My goal for tomorrow is just to get through without eating any sugar.

Well, my kids are starting to fuss so I better get back to my mom job…

Oh, and this menu planner for February will be a great help!

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