Day 2

I was busy in town, basically all day.  My youngest son had a couple of appointments and I did some shopping and other errands.  I did find that my local Costco no longer carries Xylitol (probably because of the pet issue).  So,  I bought a box of Truvia.  I also picked up some quinoa, almond  and coconut flour, along with a small rug I’m sure I really needed 😉

For breakfast I ate the creamy quinoa again (it was a great quick breakfast with the quinoa pre-made).  I think I did well for sugar during the day, but I did have a coconut milk sugar free caramel latte from Dutch Bros.  I’m not sure if their coconut milk has added sugar???  What do you use for a beverage (other than water) while you are away from home?

I didn’t get any reading done.  Planning to read chapter 2 on day 3.  My plan for this week is to just stay away from sugar and try to get the first 3 to 4 chapters of the book read.  I’m hoping by the end of the week I will have a better understanding of how the plan works so I can plan my meals better.  Until then I am trying some of the recipes from the book.  I have been focusing on changing what I eat for breakfast. I guess that is part of this week to…

So, my goals for the week are:

Read to at least chapter 4 in the new plan book,

Stay away from sugar and

use THM recipes for breakfast.

I think 3 goals is plenty for one week.  Especially since life keeps happening around me :)  We are working on finishing some projects on our house, starting to organize and pack to be ready if we sell our house, and my toddler is toilet training.  My house is busy and honestly there is not much packing happening, but I guess if I average a box a day I will be happy with that.

On a side note (because I got distracted by minions): these two minion crafts look fun. Easy Toilet Paper Minion craft, Fancier Minions


Note:  I decided to post about my day the next morning.  I was trying to do it each evening buy my household is just to crazy then.

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