Day 3 & 4

Day 3:

I made creamy quinoa again (I probably should have cooked a smaller batch of quinoa).  I also made chocolate kefir smoothies (from the old book pg 245).  The Dr recommended my toddler take a probiotic and said Kefir would be a good way for him to get a probiotic down.  So, I made a batch of Kefir with a starter and coconut milk.  It was pretty easy and he seemed to like the end result (at least the chocolate version).

I also tried the singing canary (new book page 398).  I’ve heard a lot of people mentioning it in posts so I thought I would give it a try.  I started out on the low side with the tumeric and it turned out well.  Both my toddler and teenager even liked it.  It looks like I will be making a double batch tomorrow…

Day 4:

Day four didn’t go well for our family.  We had to take one of our dogs to the vet and we ended up spending most of the day in town.  Our dog is recovering, but it was a busy day and night.  I didn’t make it through the day without sugar (I had a Caramel latte) but I do love the fact that with this plan I can start over in 3 hours.  A mistake doesn’t ruin the day or the diet.

I am still focusing on not eating sugar, since it is my hardest challenge to overcome.  I have been sticking to on plan breakfast and I hope to finish chapter 2 tonight.

I did get my stats done on day 4.  I used this measurement chart.

My weight was 193 (1 lb less than my starting weight :)  I still need to get starting pics :/



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