Day 5 & 6

Another combined post.  My dog is still not feeling well, so she is getting a lot of my attention.

During day 5 & 6 I stayed on the plan:

no sugar,

read chapter 2:

and ate a thm breakfast.

Here are my take a-ways from reading chapter 2 and the quick start guide (I read to chapter 9):

S Meals: are focused on fats.  They stick to your ribs. (10 grams of carbs or less)

E Meals: are focused on healthy carbs (20 – 45 grams of complex carbs) and help provide energy when you are feeling sluggish or just aren’t hungry at meal times ( this can mean your metabolism is slowing down).  Eat at least 1 E meal a day, but more if you are pregnant, nursing, exercising (eat an E meal or snack one hour before exercising).  They are also important when you are sick or have a lot of physical or mental work to do,

Both S and E meals are centered around proteins.  E meals center on a lean protein and S meals on either lean or a fatty proteins.

Fuel Pulls (FP):  go with both S and E meals.  They offer health benefits but aren’t primary fuel sources.  They include not starchy veggies, berries, and some lean meats and dairy.

“Once you get rolling with S and E meals. (Not just S meals, OK? Pinkie promise?) You’ll gradually begin incorporating other types of meals, like Fuel Pull, or S helper meals as you find the need. Maybe you know you need more carbs in for the day, but you’re super hungry too? An S helper would be a great choice. Maybe you’ve had a super heavy S breakfast, and it’s time to eat again but you’re not really that hungry? Try a Fuel Pull snack or Frappe to keep your metabolism rolling without adding in extra fuel.”  quick start guide

If you are at or close to goal weight, pregnant, nursing women, a child or have a high metabolism you can use crossovers and S helpers.

Crossovers (XO): use both fuel sources in the right way to tandem fuel your body.

S Helpers (SH):  these are an S meal with a bit of carbs in the form of fruit or starch.

Meals should be spaced out every 2 1/2-4 hours.

Drinks:  sippers you can sip on all day, the others can be used as snacks or paired with a meal.



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