Day 7 – 10

I made it through the first week :)

I still need to take pictures…

Our whole family is trying to avoid sugar, even my teenagers (my toddler still gets his vitamin laced chocolate milk in the mornings though).  So far, so good.  We have had a few slip ups but everyone seems committed to kicking our sugar addition.  Gwen’s Nest has a great page with tips for using Stevia here:  and here is the sweetener conversion chart


The last few days I have read through chapter 7 in the plan book and I finished reading Gwen’s Nest Quick Start Guide .  I’m still a bit confused by how the meal combining works, but I am going to try to implement eating breakfast on plan.  I will not just be using thm recipes, but I will actually make sure I am not making crossovers :)

I made this chart (thm list of foods) to help me keep track of how each meal works.  I printed it and laminated it to keep in the kitchen.

(I tried most of the day to figure out how to get the photos I took from my phone of my food list to my blog, but no luck)


Yesterday I made Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake and Egg Roll in a Bowl.  They were well received by everyone in the family :)

I also ordered some Lilys Chocolate chips and THM Super Sweet to use in some recipes I have been wanting to try.  Also here are two pinterest boards for recipes:  THMamas and Gwen’s Nest Latest and Greatest


This week I plan to add exercise.  I think I will start with 10 minutes a day, every day, to get myself back in the exercise habit.  My goals aren’t big but if I can stay with them I know I can accomplish my goals to be healthier and lighter by the end of 2016!

I read in the quick start guide about setting goals and rewards.  I would like to lose at least 50 lbs.  My first goal is to weight 185 (9 lbs to go), which will put me out of the obese category. I’m not sure what to put as a reward because getting to just be overweight instead of obese seems like a good enough reward to me.  My Next goal will be once I weigh 175, I will get a pedicure. I’m not sure what my other 10 lb lose goals are yet.  I will need to give them some more thought.


So, my goals for the rest of the week:

Eat on plan for breakfast

No sugar

Exercise 10 min a day



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